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Over 12,000 Medical Providers & On-the-Ground Special Assist Support Team ("SAST") in HIGH RISK COUNTRIES

We have a dedicated team of case managers specialized in managing cases in high-risk countries. They navigate care and solutions together with our on-the-ground assistance team and our local medical providers to provide the best possible solutions while keeping patients safe and healthy as possible.

Assistance Services Provided in these Areas:

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Political Evacuation

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

  • GOP Provision

  • Direct Billing Hospitalization

  • Medical Claims Processing

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High-Risk Countries Medical Assistance: Services


We provide protection from the on-set of injury until repatriation. When a call comes in, pre-arranged medical chain is immediately activated for that location. We organize and simplify all air and ground assets , medical care, VISAs, international travel, and diplomatic issues, whilst always considering the patient, employer, and family concerns. 

Medical evacuations are coordinated from our multilingual Operations Offices located in specific regions to accommodate different time zones while providing round-the-clock service.


Political instability can flare up quickly and cause serious physical and commercial danger. To combat this, we offer a comprehensive global political Evacuation product. Clients receiving this service can operate safely with the knowledge that should the need arise; they would have the necessary coverage. Additionally, our Crisis Assistance Experts will ensure that they are extracted in a timely and efficient manner, with utmost regards for personal safety and repatriate the client to their home.


In the unfortunate event of an incident involving fatality, we assist the bereaved family with ground or air repatriation of mortal remains of the beneficiaries to a funeral home of their choice or one closest to their normal place of residence. 

We recognize the sensitivities involved in such case; therefore, discussions and services will be collaborated with the family to ensure their needs as well as clients directives are met.


We provide GOPs to our contracted providers on behalf of beneficiaries and their insurance companies, so that the patient could benefit from our cashless service agreements we have with our providers.


Direct billing is the heart of Allen Medical International's strategy. To this end, we have set up a dedicated unique way of working with our medical network in the most conflict countries.

We have service support agents in-filed, on-the-ground worker who arrange for admissions, GOPs, and monitors cases with hospitals to control cost and unnecessary treatment. If you're in need of hospitalization in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, or Syria contact us and we'll arrange your hospitalization.


The medical claims process is initiated when a policyholder goes to a healthcare provider for medical service, this could be anything from obtaining a monthly prescription to a major surgery. At Allen Medical International, we collaborate with all involved parties to collect medical reports, invoices, negotiate invoice, and collect necessary deductibles and co-payments from beneficiary. We then perform a final audit on the case to ensure accuracy and transparency before submitting claims to the insurer. When payment is received for service, we further distribute payments to medical and third-party providers involved in the treatment and care of the policyholder.

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