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Non-Competitive Approach

We welcome and encourage reciprocal partnership with industry counterparts. We’re your partner, not competitor. We consider ourselves to be your global ally with one mission in mind---saving lives!

When a reciprocal partnership is engaged, methods are orchestrated as a team while maintaining individual presence and corporate identity, plus allowing equal opportunities for success and recognition of excellence within our own specialized services. 

We hope to form reciprocal partnerships where both parties will benefit from, and provide to each other an end-to-end solution for both group and individual policies with high-level comprehensive TPA and assistance services.

We serve all sectors of the insured population, with seamless customer support you, your clients, and your members could trust and rely on! 

Collaboration includes, but not limited to sub-contractor arrangements of TPA and assistance services

  • Third Party Administration (“TPA”)

    • policy administration

    • claims management

    • cost containment

    • global provider network lease or access

    • call-center services

  • Medical, Travel, and Security Assistance

    • accommodations & travel arrangements 

    • airlines medical support

      • pre-flight​

      • in-flight

      • post-flight

      • crew support

        • train-the-trainer​

        • medical kits

        • integration solution

    • case monitoring management

    • cash advance

    • doctor referral 

    • flight ticket arrangement 

    • house call visit 

    • medical consultation

    • medical escort arrangement      

    • medical ground transport

    • obtaining medical equipment

    • obtaining medical report and information

    • on site physician

    • hospital admission 

    • second opinion 

    • security service (high level and basic)

    • simple investigation

    • tele-medicine, telephone, or e-mail counseling

    • translation 

    • transportation (taxi) 

    • air ambulance evacuation, repatriation and/or other kind of medical transport arrangements by air

    • complex and simple investigation

    • crisis support 

    • funeral services 

    • government permission & information service

    • legal assistance service, including right of recourse

    • medical follow-up 

    • cost containment & GOP 

    • ​direct billing 

  • Worldwide Coverage

    • 195 countries 

    • 850,000 providers (90% direct contract)

    • cashless service (95%)

    • strong provider presence in the MENA area  (including red zones, black zones, and hot spots)---over 15,000 providers with direct contracts

  • Healthcare Insurance Plans & Coverage Available

    • MENA area

    • red zones

    • black zones

    • hot spots

  • Healthcare Coverage Plans Design & Development

  • Re-insurance Capacity coordination

  • Customized Solution


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