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Intelligent Swing Gate

Intelligent Swing Gate

Features of standard products:


• Can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment, receiving relay switch signal


• Can be connected to the external switch button, one-way or two-way control traffic.


• With automatic reset function when the swing arm is open then it will automatically close in
a certain delay (delay minutes 1-60 seconds adjustable).


• Mechanical clip: Relies on the intelligent design of the braking system to achieve mechanical
brake, when a person or object obstructs the swing arm, the system will automatically detect and
stop running, the swing arm force is small and will not harm people or objects.


• Can read the card with memory and without memory function.


• There are a variety of working modes for choice, can be bidirectional card reading can also
read the card and prevent returning the opposite way, or read the card and another direction free
passage, it can also use one-way or two-way infrared induction pass, pedestrians pass after the
infrared induction switch, and the brake working mode can be set through the main board menu.


Intelligent self-protection:


• When the person or object obstructs the operation of the pendulum arm, the system continuously
detects 1-5 times for 5 seconds each time. If the obstruction has not been removed the system
automatically stops in the normally closed state and part of the devices are in the resting state,
effectively avoiding burning out the original devices. In the set time, the system automatically
returns to normal.


• When the system cannot normally detect the reset signal (i.e. the swing arm hitting case), the
system will automatically return to the normal locked state. (this protection function explains
even if the optical couple is damaged, the system can still adhere to use, will not appear to burn
out the circuit or motor).


• Switch speed adjustable: Adjusting the open & close speed according to the main board


• Normal open and close adjustable: can be easily through the external button to realise the
NO/NC situation.


• Power normal off: when power off, the swing arm automatically opens, swing direction


• Person passing indication: unit will usually show the red forbidden sign, when someone is legal
it shows a green arrow flow, the pass then automatically changes back to the forbidden sign.


• Swing arm synchronization adjustable (for double swing).


• Sound, light alarm function, including illegal entry alarm, automatic reset function.


Extensible features:
• Anti-alarm, infrared anti-clip, logical judgment, etc.
• Tally function.

• Swing arm lengthening of shortening and material selection.
• Voice prompt (Welcome, bon voyage, please swipe card, etc).


Main structure and configuration of bridge bevel swing gate (per unit)
Stainless steel case 1pc, swing arm 1pc, main control panel 1pc, proximity switch 3pcs, transformer
1pc, motor 1pc, Movement and transmission parts 1 set. Standard technical parameters of intelligent
swing brake.
Case dimension: L1200*W280*H980mm
Aisle clearance: ≤1200mm
Weight: 55-65KG
Swing arm drive angle: 180 degree
Case materials and production process: Gb304 stainless steel plate cutting bending welding,
grinding, polishing, etc. Input voltage: AC220±10% V,50HZ
Drive motor: DC brush motor 20W/24V Motor speed: 1600/mins
LED indicate light: 1-2pc
Pass speed: 40 persons/min(Normal Open)25-30 persons/min (Normal Close) Gate opening and closing
time: 1-2S
Time to enter the traffic state after power on: 3S Automatic rest time after failure: 10S
Working environment:indoor and outdoor (canopy is recommended)
Adaption temperature: -25℃ – 70℃
Adaption humidity: 5% – 90%.


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    An even exchange will be provided ONLY for defected products! Client has 14 calendar days to inspect all products and submit a request for an exchange of any defected products found within that time frame. Exchanges will be within the same production lead time but no later than 30 calendar days.  

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