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Intelligent Wing Gate

Intelligent Wing Gate

According to the size, it could be divided into vertical wing gate and bridge wing
gate. Dimension of the bridge type wing brake: L1200*W300*H980mm。
Bridge type wing gate is divided into bridge type luxury wing gate, bridge type
pointed corner wing gate, bridge type octagonal wing gate, bridge type ladder face
rounded corner wing gate, bridge type right angle wing gate.


Standard product features:


With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use;


• The operating state of the device can be programmed through the built-in small
press disk on the main control board.
• The main board setting is operating by LCD display.
• Fire mode setting: The brake will trigger the fire mode when the special
situation occurs, the brake will give an alarm, and the gate will open automatically.
• Memory function: When the brake continuously swipes the card, it can accurately
remember the times of card-swiping and crossing. Greatly increasing the pedestrian passage
• Network remote operation: the gate machine can be networked for remote operation,
convenient and direct communication with customer.
• Brake password setting: Brake has password remote lock requirements.
• Anti-clamping function: when encountering obstacles in the process of swinging arm
the motor will automatically rebound or stop working within the specified time, and
the force is very small (≤2Kg);
• Sound, light alarm function: Including illegal entry. Training alarm.
• Anti-impact function: When there’s no signal to open, the swing arm will lock
• Telescopic arm synchronization function.
• Automatic reset function: The system will automatically cancel the permission of
the user when the gate is opened, and the system will automatically reset 10 seconds
after opening.
The channel will open automatically after power failure and close automatically after
power failure.
• Can be linked with a variety of card reading equipment;
• One-way or two-way control of personnel access;
• Can be directly through the management of the computer to achieve remote control
and management.


Standard technical paramenters
• Telescopic arm length: 250mm
• Max passage width:550-600mm
• Weight: 55-65Kg
• The case material: Domestic standard 304 stainless steel Upper cover 1.5mm Side body
1.2 Power supply: AC220±10% V,50HZ
• Relative humidity:≤90%,no condensation
This system can combine fingerprint, face, swipe card, password, second generation id
card, two-dimensional code etc.
• Drive motor: DC brush motor20W/24V)
• Input interface: dry contact signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with a
• Width of > 100ms, driving current > 10mA
• Normal service life:5 million times
• Communication interface:RS232 standard
• LED indicate light:2pcs
• Standard shutter: 4pcs
• Access hole:4pcs
• Speed: 30-40 people/min normally open mode, 20- 30 people/min normally closed mode
• Gate opening and closing time: 1.s
• Time to go through after power on: 5 seconds
• Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shade) temperature:-25℃ – 70℃


    NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS on PPE supplies. We recommend contacting our office at and order a sample to approve product quality prior to final purchase.  

    An even exchange will be provided ONLY for defected products! Client has 14 calendar days to inspect all products and submit a request for an exchange of any defected products found within that time frame. Exchanges will be within the same production lead time but no later than 30 calendar days.  

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