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Patient Isolation and Transport Capsule

Patient Isolation and Transport Capsule

Patient Isolation Capsule :

Our CAPSULS™ (Containment And Protection System Utilizing Life Support) are fully capable of safely transporting patients by ground or air ambulance (fixed/rotor) to medical centers both locally and on long destinations. The CAPSULS can also be used to transport patients within hospital settings and can be used to perform MRIs with the patient safely isolated in the CAPSULS™ protecting the hospital staff, equipment, and surroundings. We are proud of the CAPSULS’ capabilities in stopping the spread of biological agents and its ability to preserve life in treacherous environments. 

The  CAPSULS  has been tested by United States Department of Defense, validated by United States Food and Drug Administration, and utilized in the most rigorous situations with some of the highest-level customers:

  • technology is on board the ISS (international Space Station)
  • CAPSULS™ are fully operational upon receipt “plug and play”. The CAPSULS™ work in both positive and negative pressures.
  • CAPSULS™ are cleared for marketing in the United States by the United Food and Drug Administration as a CLASS II medical device 510(K) K052798
  • CAPSULS™ carry the CE Certificate and are sold in the EU as a CLASS I medical device
  • CAPSULS™ are made with proprietary materials and do NOT contain any PVCs which can be highly toxic when exposed to extreme heat. Our material remains pliable and does not lose its integrity in cold (-40 F / -40 C) or hot climates (140 F / 60 C)
  • CAPSULS™ have been tested by U.S. MEDCOM for airworthiness and have been granted and added to the PMI AWR list under AWR1330, R14 for H-60’s and AWR 23, R8 for UH-72A
  • This Products is currently working on STCs with Airbus, Leonardo, and Babcock
  • Our client base consists of U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Airforce, U.S. Army National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, UK MOD, UK Special Forces, Brazilian Airforce, the UAE, and the Vatican
  • This Products deal with private air and ground ambulance sectors along with many hospitals in the U.S. and around the world (I.e., The Mayo Clinic)
  • This  Products has shipped our CAPSULS™ all over the world, on every continent except for Antarctica
  • This Products’ COVID19 support effort has become even more prevalent with the recent approval from the United Nations. ISOVAC was awarded a Long Term Agreement (LTA) to supply our CAPSULS system through the United Nations’ Web Buy Plus under (COVID19 Emergency Response ID: 8426)

    NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS on PPE supplies. We recommend contacting our office at and order a sample to approve product quality prior to final purchase.  

    An even exchange will be provided ONLY for defected products! Client has 14 calendar days to inspect all products and submit a request for an exchange of any defected products found within that time frame. Exchanges will be within the same production lead time but no later than 30 calendar days.

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