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sROOM Portable ICU

sROOM Portable ICU

The sROOM is a portable isolation room. This innovative design allows sRoom which is used as a portable ICU room, to quickly provide powerful emergency rescue equipment when facing a disaster and severe pandemic outbreaks caused by respiratory diseases.


The sRoom is designed to be a additional support for traditional isolation wards and compared with traditional one it has much advantage like time, cost saving, etc. The concept of the design is to turn any building into a flexible medical space.


Isolation is the best way to reduce transmission, even when vaccinated as the R&D of Vaccine cannot keep up with the speed of the variants such as, Delta, Delat and Lamda, so it is still important to isolate during the pandemic.


Negative pressure mode, the waste air gets clean after passing through HEPA filters, no pollution to external environment. Concentration of pathogenic microorganisms in the ward effectively dilutes keeping medical workers in a safe and clean section, reducing cross-infection.


Positive pressure mode, the clean air sent from the air outlet crosses the hospital bed to form a single directional air flow. Discharged from other side of the ward. The positive pressure prevents dust particles from the external space to entering the inside ward, protecting the patient in a safter and clean area and reducing the infection rate.


    Highly mobility

    Small size, flexible movement, fast deploy. Based on the design concept of "equipmentization" of medical buildings, it reduces cost of infrastructure and maintenance of the hospital, and flexibly deploying in multiple clinical departments and other public areas.


    Differential pressure sensor control system, temperature control system, germ purification, fresh air ventilation ,emergency power supply control system etc.

    Modular design

    The positive/negative pressure differential pressure sensor control system can quickly and effectively isolate patients with infectious diseases and high-risk suspected people, and effectively solve the problem of insufficient negative pressure isolation wards and insufficient isolation; provide effective positive pressure protective isolation diagnosis and treatment space for critically ill patients.


    NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS on PPE supplies. We recommend contacting our office at and order a sample to approve product quality prior to final purchase.  

    An even exchange will be provided ONLY for defected products! Client has 14 calendar days to inspect all products and submit a request for an exchange of any defected products found within that time frame. Exchanges will be within the same production lead time.

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