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Vertical Tripod Turnstile

Vertical Tripod Turnstile

Standard product features:
1. With the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, it is convenient for users
to maintain and use.
2. Through the built-in small press disk on the main control board, the running state
of the equipment can be programmed online.
3. Anti-impact function: When no signal is received, the lever will lock automatically
4. With automatic reset function, the system will automatically cancel the permission of the user
when the gate is opened and no access is made within the specified time. The standard automatic
reset is 5 seconds after opening.
5. Power off and open device to meet the requirements of different sites.
6. It can be connected with a variety of card reading devices to receive relay switch
7. One way or two way control of personnel access
8. Remote control and management can be realized directly through the
management computer.


Standard Technical Parameters:
Protective level: IP55
Case Material: Standard 304 Stainless steel Cabinet size:L420*W330*H980mm
Bar Size: Φ40*480
Operating voltage: AC220V±10% ,50HZ±10Hz Drive: Electromagnet working principle (24V)
Incoming interface: Dry contact single or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal
with pulse width ≥
100ms, Driving current ≥ 10mA
Communication interface: TCP /IP or RS485 standard distance ≤1200m LED Indicator: 1pcs
Time to go through after power on: 5 seconds
Working environment: Indoor and outdoor


    NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS on PPE supplies. We recommend contacting our office at and order a sample to approve product quality prior to final purchase.  

    An even exchange will be provided ONLY for defected products! Client has 14 calendar days to inspect all products and submit a request for an exchange of any defected products found within that time frame. Exchanges will be within the same production lead time but no later than 30 calendar days.  

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