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Global Leader in Healthcare Service Management

Allen Medical International - Global Leader in International Healthcare and Management Services! 

Our goal is to redesign global healthcare management and services for optimal care and processes, in order to synchronize global health methodologies and cultures into a unified solution that speaks the same language across the globe. We have a unified platform with simplified solutions to enhance care plans and management, eliminate confusion during medical encounters, save lives, and improve efficiency, all while eliminating unnecessary costs.

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Allen Medical International is one of the world's leader in International Healthcare Management Services, Third Party Administration, International Medical Assistance, Medical Facility Development & Management, and Clinical Trials. Our Founder, President, and CEO is, Avionne P. Allen-Singh. We are corporately located in the United States, in the State of Florida, operating in Los Angeles, California with several global satellite operations and administrative offices in: Australia, Austria, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. We have strategically placed Medical Directors in each of these locations covering all global regions in order to assist in the growth, development, and enhancement of local health cultures, and to navigate safe healthcare deliveries within their designated regions. These offices oversee operations in 195 countries where we provide services. They are all supported by our team of multi-lingual administrative, management, and support staff members, with 246 spoken languages, providing live access support 24/7/365. 

We have been developing and managing healthcare programs, facilities and their patients’ health since 1994. Through our global network of over 890,000 medical providers, we offer proactive, quality healthcare services in a safe and comfortable environment. We have over 75,000 global medical access points in 195 countries and expanding frequently to meet global healthcare demands. Our unique international network of providers includes: Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, House Call Doctors, Nurses, Air Ambulances, Ground Ambulances, Diagnostic Centers, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Clinical Research Centers, Nursing and Senior Homes, Funeral Homes, and Security Firms.

On behalf of our International Insurance Company clients, we provide TPA services and medical assistance to their members: Expats, Local and Foreign Nationals, Business and Leisure Travelers, GPOs, Government Officials, and Dignitaries. 

We are extremely proud of our medical providers as they stand strong while at the forefront of global healthcare crisis battlefields, face-to-face, nation-by-nation, non-stop! 


At Allen Medical International, patients' health and wellness is our priority and we make sure all their needs are met in a timely manner.

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Strength - Courage - Deliverance


Personalized Care and Customized Services

Allen Medical International has been providing the highest quality and comprehensive healthcare and management services since 1994. We believe in maintaining the highest standard of client and patient care and delivering with a degree of excellence not often seen these days.

We deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients, insurers/payers and their policyholders, and corporate clients and their staff. Our solutions are tailored to each individual needs and are available for access on-demand through easy and affordable terms, contracted or ad-hoc. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and patients with cutting edge services.


Let us provide you with the personalized care and service you deserve! 

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Quality End-to-End Solution - TPA/Assistance Services

We provide end-to-end operation and management solutions to health insurance companies’ needs as a TPA for both group and individual policies. We facilitate comprehensive, high-level quality health insurance services to all sectors of the insured population.


Strength Through Unification and Global Support

As a group, we are very proactive in creating and maintaining a unified team with a strong bond and global consistency. We utilize a very hands-on
and all around goal-driven approach which helps maintain a very high level standard on a global scale.


Global Assistance
One Contact

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Medical assistance services available to expats, local & foreign nationals, students, and travelers. Worldwide access to our global medical provider network of 850,000+ providers covering all countries & territories.


Non-Competitive Approach

We welcome and encourage
partnership with industry
counterparts (organizations
delivering similar services to ours). We’re your partner, not
competitor. We consider ourselves to be your global ally with one mission in mind---saving lives!

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Air, Land, and Sea - Top Quality Care - No Boundaries

Airline, Yacht and Vessel Support processes are tailored
to meet client's specific needs, to ensure their requirements are met, intergraded,
and delivered according to FAA, IMO, SYBAss, and medical guidelines.


Employee Benefits for Companies & Individuals in HIGH RISK COUNTRIES

Our high-risk insurance plans cover the needs of companies & individuals active in high risk areas. Our long-term experience in managing cases in the MENA region allowed us the knowledge to build the most efficient & cost effective solutions to help eliminate challenges faced by foreign and local companies in these areas.


Over 12,000 Medical Providers & On-the-Ground Special Assist Support Team ("SAST") in HIGH RISK COUNTRIES

We partner with companies with offices and employees working in high risk countries, to provide them with safe medical assistance, case management, and the best solutions to keep their staff as healthy and safe as possible.


24/7 Single Point Access to our Security Assist Experts at our Crisis Management Center for Worldwide Assistance

We provide security intelligence and immediate access to our 24/7 Crisis Management Center, staffed with a multi-lingual security specialist team of security professionals specialized in crisis management and risks associated with global travel.

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